AQUA Romance Series

Aqua mask 4x5

The Romance Series, AQUA launches soon!

Ever since she’s grappled with the decision of a mastectomy as a preventative measure, tough-minded professor, Casey Trevitter, yearns for a gentle man. Ever since his mother died, workaholic businessman, Harry Ferro, longs to start over again and explore his creative side. After a passionate encounter in Venice, Casey and Harry meet again on the cruise ship, Aqua.

Love happens on The Aqua. The book series overflows with exotic locations, sumptuous foods, seduction, enticement and true love. It’s a slow-burning pleasure dome of food and attraction that spurs the reader’s imagination.

Venetian Nights is the first book in the Aqua romance series. Step aboard and see what’s in store for Casey and Harry. With the help of the ship’s crew, a Greek island and a leap of faith, maybe both of their wishes will come true.

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